Zen Sentinels: more than chimneys

I’ve always been in love with the comignos. They are part of the fundamental category of details. Many Think they are not so important and, even if they can organize themselves differently, they use prefabricated chimneys.
Our Tuscan tradition of the great Medici Villas and especially the great inventions of Goudì can not be lost!!!
The so-called “chimneys’ phase” of 2007 was a period of great creative energy.
I found the name of the new creatures as well: Zen Guardians.
As silent and timeless sentinels are guarding the highest points to see in a better way. Real warriors with helmet and armor, but, above all, with a different expression on each side.
The Zen Sentinels were originally designed in copper using the TECU-KME color range.
Then they were made in glass and, for another project, even in masonry.

IMG 1457
IMG 1465
IMG 1489
IMG 1536
IMG 1540
IMG 4284
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S45C 517092212470 0031
S45C 517092212470 0032
Studying A Prototype Face
Zen Sentinel
Zen Vetro
Zen Vetro 2
S45C 517092212470 0029


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